Smart Phones,Dumb People by Parthajeet Sharma -A Book Review

The odd chances are that you are reading this on your smart phone, scowling at a screen which advertisement passes off as huge but in reality is a miniscule piece of glass which can hardly compete with a computer screen. Throw in that tiny notification that pops up every 5 minutes to tell you that you HAVE TO read an email or the phone will give you the "red blink". This book is a sum up of exactly this scenario

This 164 paged book is Parthajeet Sharma's first foray into writing. Mind you this isn’t a fairytale with a plot. Rather it is what you can call, a personal experience and observations themed narrative. Divided into four parts (namely Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Priorities and Corruption), the book addresses something that has been addressed multiple times but somehow the perfect message has never been echoed.

The book's high points are in its directness and relevant examples which can easily be related to. Parthajeet Sharma cites different ironies of today's idiosyncratic world wherein we are slowly marching to a world where humans are replaced by machines wherever possible. We can clearly associate ourselves with the book and there definitely shall be at least one moment(if not more) where you'll exclaim with joy after reading a statement and shrieking "THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO"

The pitfall of the book is uni-fold. With a ubiquitous use of the language, Parthajeet has written a brilliant book but has failed to take the idea across."Smart Phones, Dumb People" can easily be dismissed as the rant of yet another good hearted person who dishes out the problem, debunks it and offers no solutions.

All in all, the book is a light read and can be polished off in a day.Infact I myself read the book in approximately 2 hours on a return trip aboard a Mumbai Local (Kandivali-Churchgate-Kandivali). So,if you would like to read a frank discourse on the current, so called "tech revolution", buy this book as soon as possible.

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