Top 5 Ways To Slyly Brag About Your New Mobile Phone

Hey people this is the second post of a new weekly series called "Saturday Top 5". I guess the title is self explanatory and anyway, it shall be on a pilot basis. Here's the first post of the series(LINK).Please leave your feedback about the idea and suggestions as well for the next post in the series

Ever since Apple unleashed the touch screen based iPhone on this holier-than-thou world, cell phones have begun sprouting everywhere and anywhere. Useless quirky upgrades are the pick of the season as people flip phones faster than Severus Snape running from shampoo. If you didn't get that reference, go die you Muggle!

Anyway. With new phones and re-iterated upgraded models of pre-launched mobiles hitting the market every day, we are faced with a huge dilemma; A dilemma which would only be understood by us and none of our ancestors. HOW THE HELL DO YOU SHOW OFF YOUR NEW PHONE TO THE WORLD?

See the problem is quite simple. All of us live to brag but all of us love to be modest about it as well. Although that is a lot like Grey's Anatomy trying to be a sensible show, today we bring you the top 5 ways by which you can boast of how you just blew up your or your father's hard earned 40K over a piece of plastic

1. Facebook status update

With the advent of mobile computing, Facebook has rolled out native apps for almost all devices. Now a rather nifty feature is that when you update a status using these apps, a tiny line beneath the status reads "via Facebook for an expensive piece of junk". Now most people ignore it so I have devised a fail proof backup. Make the status update as if you lost a lifelong partner or a cute dog or all that crap chicks care about. If you're a dude who can't imagine such scenarios, imagine that you just lost your Playstation(God Forbid such travesty to happen on any soul, not even Kapil Sibal deserves this fate). Be as dramatic as you can, as drama always attracts eyeballs*.
*Pro Tip: Thrown in smileys. A lot of them

Here's a sample status

"I'm so going to miss my Nokia 1100 :(  :'(

Another one


2. Get your friends together for a photograph and shout out all the brilliant camera features

Now this is a slightly tricky one to pull off. Get the people you want to impress for a group photo. Now whenever they’re ready (you know when you start seeing those people make abnormal faces which they pass off as smiles), start rattling off your phone’s camera specs in a manner which seems relevant to the photo. Examples include “Oye!Ek second ruk I need to use Paranoma to capture the scene “ OR "Abbey light ki tension na kar, flash hai!"

3. Bitch about the features and how annoying they are/their absence is(even if you don't believe so)

To pull this off, you need three things:
A. Whiny voice
B. Acting skills
C. Ability to make up bullshit out of thin air

So in case you're Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus, this is perfect for you. All you have to do is whine about how a particular feature is messing with your life and is super annoying all the time OR how its absence destroys your everyday life. Maybe bitch about how the Lumia 920 doesn't let you send music via Whatsapp OR how Android phones don't let you make a group larger than 10 people!
4. Like/RT/+1 related pages

Invade your friend's newsfeed on Facebook or timeline on Twitter with endless "likes", "Retweets" "+1s" etc. Bombard them with such useless stuff. This fact stems from the proven knowledge that a human being is attracted to nonsense; just like USA is attracted to peace via war.

5. Go Gay with Multiple Picture Uploads!

Upload gazzilions of photographs! Of your phone's box, the insides of your phone's box, the useless 12th pass nut-bag who sold you the phone as the "Apple Genius”, that last 500 rupee note you handed before getting your phone, everything. Also, I have been given to understand that it's a thing to click a picture of oneself in the mirror with a face that resembles a duck. Do that and make your phone prominent. Pronto response!

Well folks with that, we end today's Saturday top 5,which I wrote on Friday but didn't upload it because it is "Saturday top 5" and not "Friday top 5".Do read the disclaimer before implementing these!

DISCLAIMER: The writer claims no responsibility to the damage done to the reader's social life by following these ways. Any threat to the writer shall be treated with as much seriousness as North Korea's nuclear weapons. Javascript Disabled


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