Beaten by Bhagath! By S.V.Divvaakar -A Book Review


Sometimes, we all tend to get onto a path which we have never trodden upon. Call it the Road Not Taken if you will. This path is not necessarily something we want, but is a figment of our imagination, influenced by millions of external factors; befuddling us and making us take it up. It may or may not lead us to success, but definitely leads to one thing: getting hurt. Welcome to the world of BB, a debutant author, out on a journey to make his book a best-seller.

This 191 paged novel is Divvaakar’s second novel. It’s a story dealing with the insipid world of publishing and book writing, as a newbie struggles to come to terms with it and deal with it. Inspired by a random phrase by his boss. Wait! His lady boss. Wait again! His SEXY lady boss, BB takes up the task of writing a book. Divvaakar takes us into a world albeit unknown to most of us, the world of publishing. The hiccup along the entire road lies in BB’s ego as he tries to write a book which outshines his college friend and one-time roommate, who has 8 books to his credits and is one of India’s most successful writers( this character strongly smelt of Chetan Bhagat to me!)

Beaten by Bhagath! By S.V.Divvaakar- Book ReviewMoving on to the book’s high points, as a blogger and a writer in the process of writing a book, this book is enthralling to me in an unique way. For starters, I could completely relate to some of the issues faced by the character like sporadic writing sprees, writer’s block etc. It also does a great job of expressing a writer’s feeling for his work, which is a complex job but done really well by Divvaakar. Also, the plot was real and not fantastical. It could easily been your story or mine. Except for the last few chapters, the book was a rollercoaster where you could strap yourself on to a seat and ride it yourself.

The downfalls of this book are that, like many books which are currently in the market, easy to read and do not require you to be an adverbial master at the English language. I personally find this trait good but there are many who may not be charmed by it. Also, this book is something off a pessimistic narration where throughout the plot; the character seems to be having a hidden negative thought clouding his thoughts.

Although this is a personal observation and may not be for everyone, yet I would have liked the book better if the character’s history and personality had been better explored. I find it more soothing and comfortable to read a book if I know the character as it helps me flow with the book

Overall, this book is a good read, especially if you’re looking for some light reading to ease off the pressure off your mind while at the same time, wouldn’t mind a life lesion or two.

Like: Easy to read, Relate-able, Realistic,

Dislike:  Pessimistic narration, Lack of character history

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