Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Red Drop

It's not every day that Lord Jeffery Archer himself issues you a challenge. I recently was at the book launch of "Best Kept Secret", his third book for the Clifton Chronicles. While interacting with us, he posed us a challenge which was posed to him by Reader's Digest years ago.


I took up the challenge and came up with this story. It's titled "The Red Drop"

Gina kneeled before her Lord and stared into his son’s eyes. Brushing a strand of hair behind her ear, she pondered over the words of her prayer. She never wanted to complain, but today her God left her no choice.

Was it really his mandate to not love a man who believed another God? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps love really wasn't the universal language angels spoke.

A sudden rustling stole her attention as she turned to see nothing. Unsettled, she turned towards the cross again and was startled. A red drop flowed down his right eye as he silently spoke. Javascript Disabled

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

F?@K Knows! By Shailendra Singh -A Book Review

F?@K Knows! By Shailendra Singh -A Book Review

All of us are basically screwed in life. We've lost touch with the little joys that should make us happy and instead have moulded into a blob with sadness and despair. Think back to the time when you were really happy. 99% of you would just have thought of a moment which was not the last one. Why is it that we find more sadness than exhilaration in all aspects of our life. F?@K Knows!

F?@K Knows! By Shailendra Singh -A Book ReviewThis 234 paged novel is Shailendra Singh’s first novel.  Before we dwell onto why this book is as awesome as its title, a word about the author and why he is certified to chipkao you with the gyaan that he does. SS is the co-founder and joint managing director of Percept Limited, India’s largest and only entertainment, media and communications conglomerate. Now before you dismiss him as another corporate douche, here’s the cool part. He’s the inceptor of Sunburn. So the amazing festival which you all enjoy is founded by this guy. So all in all, yeh jo bole sonihal ! He wrote this book after a bunch of unfortunate incidents which changed him and his life!

F?@K Knows is an amazing book which does what all of us really need in our lives. It makes you stop, tells you how messed up you are, tells you how you can fix it and helps you mend yourself. Mind you it’s not one of those thousands of self-help books you find lying around at the book store with fancy titles like “Unleash your hidden talents with the power of your min!” NO. Au contraire, to my delight, this book is a nice little slap to what I call the Deepak Chopra wagon for whom self help is nothing but the mumbo-jumbo of spirituality and philosophy.

Shailendra SinghI liked this book because of its fresh approach. Never while reading the book you feel as if you’re trying to decipher the Da Vinci Code. In fact it seems as smooth and easy as talking to a friend! That is what forms the book’s forte. SS recognises the potent power of direct cut-the-bull-shit narration and has given a mantra to each reader to inspire every individual. The best example I found, “Don’t say Just Do It. Just Done It is the new cool mantra!”

Another great part about the book is the multiple real life examples and the well-regaled stories of the lore. Home spun stories, personal heart to heart narration and completely fair as well as logically detailed theories such Chi F?@K and the F?@K It List makes the book the biggest inspiration for anyone who wishes to take a break, pause their lives, think it over and give it a new turn.

To sum it up, I quote the book itself

You will read, but not understand.

You will understand, but not do.

You will do, but not understand what you did.

Does it make a difference?

F?@K Knows!”


Like: Easy to read, No Bull Shit, Logical, Well thought out

Dislike:  Nothing

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beaten by Bhagath! By S.V.Divvaakar -A Book Review


Sometimes, we all tend to get onto a path which we have never trodden upon. Call it the Road Not Taken if you will. This path is not necessarily something we want, but is a figment of our imagination, influenced by millions of external factors; befuddling us and making us take it up. It may or may not lead us to success, but definitely leads to one thing: getting hurt. Welcome to the world of BB, a debutant author, out on a journey to make his book a best-seller.

This 191 paged novel is Divvaakar’s second novel. It’s a story dealing with the insipid world of publishing and book writing, as a newbie struggles to come to terms with it and deal with it. Inspired by a random phrase by his boss. Wait! His lady boss. Wait again! His SEXY lady boss, BB takes up the task of writing a book. Divvaakar takes us into a world albeit unknown to most of us, the world of publishing. The hiccup along the entire road lies in BB’s ego as he tries to write a book which outshines his college friend and one-time roommate, who has 8 books to his credits and is one of India’s most successful writers( this character strongly smelt of Chetan Bhagat to me!)

Beaten by Bhagath! By S.V.Divvaakar- Book ReviewMoving on to the book’s high points, as a blogger and a writer in the process of writing a book, this book is enthralling to me in an unique way. For starters, I could completely relate to some of the issues faced by the character like sporadic writing sprees, writer’s block etc. It also does a great job of expressing a writer’s feeling for his work, which is a complex job but done really well by Divvaakar. Also, the plot was real and not fantastical. It could easily been your story or mine. Except for the last few chapters, the book was a rollercoaster where you could strap yourself on to a seat and ride it yourself.

The downfalls of this book are that, like many books which are currently in the market, easy to read and do not require you to be an adverbial master at the English language. I personally find this trait good but there are many who may not be charmed by it. Also, this book is something off a pessimistic narration where throughout the plot; the character seems to be having a hidden negative thought clouding his thoughts.

Although this is a personal observation and may not be for everyone, yet I would have liked the book better if the character’s history and personality had been better explored. I find it more soothing and comfortable to read a book if I know the character as it helps me flow with the book

Overall, this book is a good read, especially if you’re looking for some light reading to ease off the pressure off your mind while at the same time, wouldn’t mind a life lesion or two.

Like: Easy to read, Relate-able, Realistic,

Dislike:  Pessimistic narration, Lack of character history

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Attacks Of 26/11-Movie Review

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The Attacks of 26/11 is a movie directed by Ram Gopal Verma on the horrific and barbaric terrorist attack on the city of Mumbai and in essence, a proxy war waged against India, beginning on 26th November 2008. Many expected this movie to be a dud or even worse, a disastrous rendition of an event that shocked us all. Contrary to all that, the movie is nothing like these descriptions and makes for a good watch.

Nana Patekar as Rakesh MariaThe movie was more of a play-out the events drama, so the plot was not something that was woven out of thin air but rather the actual truth stitched together piece by piece. RGV uses an interesting narrative angle: The Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police narrating the incidents to an inquiry commission. This too was inspired from the actual commission which deposed Rakesh Maria(the actual JC at the time of the attacks). Nana Patekar essays the role brilliantly, as he not only acts, but embodies the character, flowing with it in a tone which is hard to describe but if I had to, I would put it this way: “ Aisa lagta hai ki he was the actual JC at the time of the attack”.

Sanjeev Jaiswal as Ajmal KasabA young newbie actor Sanjeev Jaiswal plays the role of Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the terrorist who was captured and later hanged. Although I didn’t have my hopes riding on him, Sanjeev does a decent job playing the character. He has a mean look throughout the movie which tends to get a bit over the top at times but overall, is not too farcical.

Also, the highlights of the movie were: a. Due credits were given to all parties involved. Despite the hardcore media bashing it received post the attack; the Mumbai police had worked their level best last night. RGV encompasses all of this but also makes room for their errors. Plus, the movie is well crafted to ensure that the message (Terror has no religion) doesn’t die as the director sensitively handles the possible religious inflammation over certain scenes

Lastly, the flaws. The movie was a bit abrupt and short for me. For starters, it didn’t cover the shootings at Nariman House, Oberoi Trident and Taj adequately. The brave operation by the NSG which resulted in the extinguishing of the terrorists was omitted. Also, the role of the attack’s masterminds was just touched upon briefly and not detailed.
To end it, all I will say is this. The movie released on 1st March 2013. 3 days later, nearly all shows at the cinema nearby are sold out. Mind you, this being a RGV movie, is a complete surprise after his recent debacles. So, this movie has something. Something that packs a punch.

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