When The Signal Turns Red By Jayanand Ukey -A Book Review

Book Review

Drama is something that has become the oomph factor for the entertainment industry in India. Books, movies, TV shows, all of them have a surplus of drama which overflows like the butter on a Punjabi guy’s Aloo Parantha. But most books tend to over do it. At its heart, simplistic drama is simply cute to read and that’s what this book brings to you.

Book Review of When The Signal Turns RedThis 198 paged novel is Jayanand’s first novel. It’s a fluffy little book about a typical Indian love story. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they want to get married. By a miracle, their parents agree but alas!cruel fate strikes and suddenly the marriage is off, and the boy has to woo back his girlfriend’s parents.

In this book, we step into the world of Girish and Prajakta, both software engineers set to be working in top IT firms immediately after graduation. Something I really liked in this book were the characters. Most books try to simply overdo the need for detail and end up creating mystic, well framed descriptions which ultimately leave the reader dissatisfied. WTSTR on the other hand, creates simplistic characters with basic personalities. This in turn leaves a lot to the reader’s imagination and lets him or her connect with the book in their own unique way. For example, we all have that one relative from the Military( ex or serving) who loves being punctual, inspires terror and loves to mull things over Whiskey. In this case, it is Prajakta’s dad.

Moving on to the book’s Achilles’ heel,  I found the book to be little to fantastical for my liking and defied the logic which I observe in real life. The nearly instant approval of all parties involved, a clichéd crisis which is something now considered as over-the-top and a Bollywood drama like end( not that I am complaining, I love Bollywood!) Nevertheless, as a reviewer I clearly need to point it out as some things simply don’t go down well different audiences.

As a complete work, this book is an easy to read, cute little romantic scene from the life of Girish and Prajakta. The book is earthy, charming and has the brilliance of a simple story teller. It doesn’t have metaphors and references that require you to read it with your iPad open on Wikipedia. It is a book for everyone and anyone, and simply fun.

Like: Easy to read, Simple characters,Earthly,Fluffy

Dislike:  A wee bit fantastical, Bollywood like over-the-top end

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