Consuming Love

This is a guest post by Vaisakhi Mishra who blogs at and tweets at @vishvaisakhi

In her own words, here's who she is:

Cynic blatant but a total happy go lucky person who loves exploring various shades of colours on the canvas of life. I am an engineer who loves poems, painting, singing and photography - which currently seems to be the trend everywhere. I believe in accepting what ever life throws at me and accepting its challenges with a "watch me" attitude and guess everyday finds a new me.

She has composed a special poem as Valentine's day nears.Here it goes

A Poem By Vaisakhi Mishra

My cold heart whimpers

For it can’t feel the glow

It’s a cracked piece of metal

For all that I know

Where lies turn to truth

It sacrificed just itself

You blamed it to be frozen

And now it has no silver help

But rosier days await you somewhere

And it flutters with the thought

Silently it sings to self

The lullaby of consuming love.

Why love can’t be simple,

Why its castle of glass falls?

What choices can we make-

When we are forced to let go.

Emptiness fills the sorrow pools

Where light mirages memories

Truly said, light is not accredited

If challenged not by darkness always. Javascript Disabled


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