Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola-Movie Review

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I generally don't do film reviews and frankly I wouldn't have done this unless my driver hadn't been late to pick me up.So if you hate this post, you know whom to blame.

That done with, Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola or MKBKM is in one word, a riot.You can easily see Vishal Bhardwaj dripping all over this flick as he does an excellent job directing this movie(and singing one of the tracks as well).I wont give away the plot but it revolves around three characters: Harry Mandola, a rustic rich construction business owner who's acute alcohol consumption keeps him swinging between two personalities i.e. a bumbling,heavily accented fool and the other of a suave,daughter adoring father.Second is Bijli, Harry's daughter who is a beautiful,wild spirited girl with a golden heart.She's childhood friends with the last main character,Matru. Matru is a LLB graduate who works for Harry as a driver cum man-friday. Oh! Did I mention Gulabo, the pink buffalo?

So,with that background,the plot revolves around a hostile government land acquisition in a village.But in MKBKM, it's not the plot but the funny little scenes which matter.Both,intense and comic at the same time,Bhardwaj has created a film which is obvious in it's plot yet keeps your wit running as to what happens next.
Pankaj Kapur takes away the accolades for his brilliant acting and performance while Anushka's role was far more of being eye-candy with assistance in sub plots (Not that I'm complaining!). Imran Khan too plays second fiddle to Pankaj Kapoor, but his skills and versatility as an actor are simply great.The music as well as direction had the usual yet hatke style of all Vishal Bhardwaj movies.
Lastly, the flaws. The dialogues although well written, were heavily accented and required a bit of North Indian blood in you to grasp their meaning. Secondly, although the movie is rated U/A and there are no scenes of sexual depictions, the sly abuse laced language could result in some odd questions from a younger crowd. I mean would you be willing to answer a 7 year old's question: "What does Bhencho mean?” Plus, some scenes are blunt and simply added for over dramatization so if you're one of those so called "true cinema lovers", you might throw up.
So to sum it up, as Anushka Sharma's waist says, Dekho Magar Pyaar Se ;) Javascript Disabled


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