Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don’t Let The Weight Of The Books Pull You Down

If you’re a seventeen year old Indian and are reading this, you along with me and lakhs of other students across the subcontinent are trying to while away time during one of the most critical period of our academic lives, our BOARDS.

I won’t even bother explaining the huge idiotic importance given to them in our educational system but I’ll tell you why I wrote this post. A friend of mine wanted a pep talk to get her board preparation on track. Mind you, my own study schedule is down in the dumps (evidence- me writing this blog post instead of studying) yet I decided to kill two birds with one stone and inspire her, as well as myself. Here’s the entire conversation

 XYZ: You can't until you're 18?
 Me: Yes...it was a joke on your status -. -
 Me: Oh womaniya #facepalm
 XYZ: Annoying song hai
 Me: Toh aap pagal hain
 XYZ: :D
 Me: Itni khushi?
 XYZ: Lol
 Me: Paglu
 XYZ: I need a pep talk
 XYZ: For studying
 Me: In a moment
 Me: Okay hear up

You remember the story Ted told Robin when he failed to set up a successful architecture firm? If not I'll tell it to you again. Once there was an architect who was asked to design a library. He built a magnificent, beautiful library with elegant crafting and meticulously designed beauty. But once it was done, the building started shifting into the ground a little everyday until one day it collapsed. The guy had failed to account for the weight of the books.
Our life, right now, stands at the same precipice where the architect's design stood before being constructed. Like the guy, we have plans to build the most awesome, kickass library like life for ourselves but it is at this crucial time that we should not fail to take into account the weight of the books. Our boards may seem dull, and essentially symbolic. But they are a stamp that'll last all our life. It's not that they matter a lot. Au contraire, they matter a very tiny bit. But do what you may, you can't change the fact that they do matter. So it's time we rework our design and add the weight of the books, one by one, however long it may take and then build our building. Someday in the future, when you add thousands of more books, you'll be confident enough to proudly say with a grin on your face "This building ain't gonna fall"


Friends, I know all of us have grumbled throughout the year, procrastinated everything, laughed at the professors constant monotonous “STUDY” warnings, but the moment of truth is upon us. The fear is setting in and we are waking up to a pile load of books, waiting to be understood. It’s time we hit the books, just for this one last piece of high school (or junior college) drama and win this.

To sum it up,

Kripya apne Laptop ko band Karen aur Textbooks ko padhna shuru Karen.The Standing Coin padhne ke liye dhanyavad.Aasha hai aapki aankhon ka safar aaram dayak raha hoga aur aap humare blog ko phir padenge.

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  1. Hi Siddharth,

    That was a lovely post. A crucial time for many students out there, whose destiny will be written by the end of March. This is a time when a student needs to keep his/her nerves cool and calm.

    I hope and pray that all the students make this last lap to a successful career a huge success and give it their best shot. :)


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  2. Needed some pep talk. Loved the way you added HIMYM's reference :D
    And all the best for your boards too.

  3. Thanks Jay, as a 12th grader, I couldn't have framed that sentiment better than that :)

  4. Hahahaaha!Thanks Aditi and yes it cheered me up too that I was referring to HIMYM for inspiration!


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