The Wind Urges Me To Go On

A Poem About A Person Who Is About To Quit But Finds Solace Instead
As the night descends and the sun transcends,
The horizon seems to never end.
Rays of light wash over the freshly mown lawn
Somehow, the wind urges me to go on.

Dew drops sparkle or perhaps the grass cries
Confusion abounds as I’m befuddled by the lies.
But still when I gaze on to the dawn,
Somehow, the wind urges me to go on.

Life has reached lower than the low,
Joy has completely ceased its flow.
As I sit by the ledge, distraught and torn,
Somehow, the wind urges me to go on.

Everything will be fine, it promises.
Give it some time, it says.
One day you will know why you were born,
Until then, let me urge you on.

Seconds turn into minutes
And slowly the will to quite diminishes.
With a smile, I see the dew, all gone,
Because, come what may,
Somehow, the wind urges me to go on. Javascript Disabled


  1. Siddharth!the poem is great but you can use better photos with it.I think the photo of seaface has no resemblence with the poem.

  2. Thanks Ronak. I would be glad if you could recommend a photograph for this poem. :)

  3. This is incredible! I''ll be forever wondering the fact that you've given WIND such a powerful position and how you even thought of it and the way it inspired you to move on. Maybe everyone does have different perceptions of the wind..

  4. Came down here from Indiblogger. I liked what you do.. the way you do it. Your reviews are quite detailed and thusly convincing as well. Though I personally have more inclinations for poetry. I liked your style of expressing. Good work really. :)
    p.s. Even I agree that the feel of this poem will be enhanced if you put a pic more fitting to the theme. Good luck. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks Aaliyah. I agree, the wind and in essence, nature itself, has an unique meaning to everyone!

  6. Hey Soumi!
    Thank you so much! Your appreciation is another reason to add to my smile :D

    and as I told Ronak, I'm not much of a photographer so I uploaded whatever I could manage.I would love to use an image you recommend instead.


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