Let My Fire Burn

A Poem About A Kid Who Asks The World To Let Him Chase His Passions
I don’t need your wood,
It is all but sarcastically crude.
All I ask from you Mum,
Please let my fire burn

The oil may spill for all I care
My passion is a fuel far more rare.
All I hope from the next turn,
Please let my fire burn

The embers may seem to die,
But the flames shall one day soar high.
Till the day I douse the sun,
Please let my fire burn

A bit of love and some advice,
My heart aches for something that nice.
But if that’s something I’ll have to earn,
Please let my fire burn

My feet may burn on this path of burning coals,
But perhaps, it’s time you let go of your foal.
Halt me if you must, but don’t stop me at a turn,
All I ask for is,
Please let my fire burn

Let My Fire Burn- A Poem About A Kid Who Asks The World To Let Him Chase His Passions

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  1. This poem has actually managed to touch me, its exactly how i feel.The fact that it matches with every human beings' thoughts! They crave love and support just the way you do!So great work, this is one of the poems i can actually connect with!!

  2. A lot of people can connect with this one :)

  3. I love love LOVE the third and the last stanza, they're beautiful! :]
    I really could connect to this, like Jefrin said, I'm pretty sure a lot did!

    @Tales of her and by her.


  4. Lovely poem and totally agreed with @Jefrin :)

  5. Thanks a lot Aaliyah! Feels great that I could reach out to you :)

  6. Glad I could write something so relate-able.

  7. :D Glad you loved this. Do check out the other stuff too ;)


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