A Mother Claps The Loudest

A poem dedicated to my mother(Sandhya Gupta), my inspiration, my everything. Whatever we may think of them, we always love them and can not live without them.

Her eyes would shine brighter than the sun
When the one on the dais is her son
Even when a bird builds her nest,
A mother always claps the loudest

Her eyes shed tears of joy unbound
When her daughter helps an injured hound
Even when you ace the tough test,
A mother always claps the loudest

Her loving touch takes away the scathing pain
When she chides you for slipping in the rain
Even when you're not able to give your best,
A mother always claps the loudest

Nothing beats the huge smile on her face when you win a trophy in the race
Even when you finish last, don't you ever fret
Because, come what may,
A mother always claps the loudest

If all the world's a play, and you're a player
It was for your well being that even an atheist sent up a prayer
Whenever you're alone or to many a guest
Remember your mother because,
A mother always claps the loudest

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  1. D'awwww. :')
    This is adorable, and way too sweet!
    I hope you made her read this,yes? :]

    @Tales of her and by her.


  2. lovely..touched my heart....:)

  3. Awww I think that was really sweet ..
    You did read this out to Mom na?? She'd be sooo happy :)


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