Corruption: A Threat To Democracy

Democracy is based on the principle of forming a government "of the people, for the people and by the people". So when a nation of the people stops being for them, one of democracy's fundamental principles itself is challenged.

Corruption is the very threat itself which has nearly destroyed India's government and has tarnished a fake image of being a nation which is clean right down till its roots. Corruption always was a part of our system, right from our independence in 1947 up to the recent events, always existing in varied forms. It has become one of those things which are taught to us as fundamentals of life."Corruption toh sab maa ke paet se sikh kar aate hain" is one way of putting it; because it is something which is profoundly true because may it be bribing traffic officers as a child for avoiding underage driving or giving 'gifts' to ministers for building approvals, we have made corruption an innate attribute. Recent events such as the CWG games scam (courtesy Suresh Kalmadi) , 2G spectrum scam(a certain A Raja) and of course the Jan Lokpal Movement led by Anna Hazare has brought this elusive tyranny to the limelight.

A national poll reveals that nearly 73% of India's adult population was forced to give bribes to ensure the smooth passage of their tasks. So the question arises is this: How do we stop this menace? How do we eradicate something that is today running through our blood? Can it really be stopped or will it just be hidden behind a new mechanism?

Although passion is a helpful thing, it is not enough. Because if it would have been enough, I would have been a Steve Jobs-cum-Dan Brown figure in society because that’s my passion. I believe that although further reforms will help us in solving ridding our nation of this problem but the same can be achieved by proper exercise and awareness with regard to existing mechanisms such as the Right To Information Act (RTI), reporting bribe demanding authorities to the Anti Corruption Bureau etc. This will not only be highly practical when compared to a new mechanism but viable also. But then there also arises the issue that nobody uses them thus a monitoring body is required. But imagine this: India is a nation with a huge population. Imagine what would happen if each one of us reported at least one corrupt officers? I would like to end by modifying Mr. Obama’s popular slogan," Together We Can!"

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  1. Very Well Written..!
    now in my point.. :
    I neither understand the rules Nor the constitution...
    What I learned is that the only cause we working for is the Aim of betterment of country..
    Then.. Let me ask you.. By fighting again our own parliament (elected by us only)... Are we making any effect on the progression..
    By the actz of "Jail bharo" or "Anshan"... What does he wanna prove? .. Will it work for development.. Or he is just creating a civil war in our country..
    they parliament have taken us so far.. With nI problems.. they need to understand.. It's not a fight between ourselves.. The people of India or government.. It's the competition of India with the world outside..
    How can a country progress if it remains busy fighting over the internal matters.. We are the country as a whole.. By Anshan, jail bharo certainly won't help.. The development intimately stops when all of us go sit in azad maiden to protest..
    Let me ask who all sit there to protest.. Aren't you all had been in corruption? Or you all are washed away with milk on this land.. Haven't you given the money to police for your own selfish needs..
    That makes you no different.. Protesting won't help.. Rather work for the development. Corruption will go by it's own..
    I don't support government .. Neither I support Anna.. I support my country..

  2. Buddy, He is not doing this for personal gain. I would have agreed with you if he had been a single person. But today, Anna Hazare represents the voice of all those people who have been forced into corruption for trivial matters. Terms like development are vague. Isn't the Jan Lokpal bill a "development". To point out that protesters are corruption free is stupidity. In fact the protesters are those who were a victim of corruption and had succumbed to it's pressure! There's nothing wrong in protesting and the entire world knows it because guess who is the TIME Person Of The Year?

  3. Hmm You are right in your point .. But Temme One thing.. By the act of jail bharo.. or the mass protests.. which happens with people in large number avoiding their regular work coming to the protest sitting whole day/week around... and just shouting.. if they could have worked in their own work.. i.e for the production.. coz there would be around 10000 to 20000 ppl there.. if each one of them could not waste their time.. it would help indirectly in the economy of the country...
    Here people are fighting against their own elected government... they are fighting among themselves... certainly...when government is not bothered.. the acts of jai bharo or mass protest wont put a single effect.. and afterall.. its we, as a whole nation (india) who represent to the world outside.. isnt the point sensible.. we cannot represent the constitution as a whole.. and what anna is doing... he is creating he own political party.. ! And They way he is forcing government.. lemme tell you.. a bill for the development cant be passed overnight.. the bill will be a waste if passed in haste.. and who the hell anna is to decide the rejection or promotion of a certain bill..!we dont want a civil war.. thats certainly happening.. when people of india are fighting among their own supreme power.. the government is not bothered.. and anna is happy gaining the support.. the sufferer is we.. the nation who has to represent itself to the world outside..

  4. Dude, The Lok Sabha at the end of the day has just one responsibility: To do what the majority of the population wants. When The majority hits the street with a paper in their hand saying this is the law, they have to accept it. Anna hazare may be making his own political party but the point is that the majority likes and accepts it and that's what matters. When You talk about production and a day going in waste, remember that sometimes the present has to be sacrificed for the future. Do you think Libya, Egypt or Tunisia would have been liberated if they had thought," Oh no!My boss will fire me if I go to the protest...Also, the GDP will fall if I protest". jail bharo and mass protests are not ways of publicity stunts. Gandhiji himself did that. Today he is the father of our nation. If someone is emulating him and a vast majority likes it, you are literally no body(sorry) to say anything.

  5. Hmmm.. You are very well in your views.. And that's good.. But what about the government.. isn't it a body which we ourselves have elected... And then we are contradicting ourselves..
    And also the lokpal bill.. It's not about the term being passed into the constitution.. That we have it now but the thing is how good can the bill implement into the country's fortune. That mainly the point.. It's not the victory of one or the loss of other..
    And the other thing.. Gandhi ji did it for creating our own government but here we are breaking our own government.. you get the difference? ...
    That is certainly natural... You can't replace a constitution which has led the country for about 64 years as a whole.. and even if they call it wrong.. It can't be done in a haste..
    Certainly..Anna is fighting for rights and powers of every individual as you say he is the representation of voice of common people.. Then tomorrow by passing this bill government modifies rules, powers in hands.. Then there would be no probability in the country.. Rightly said in the government... "how.can a police man be greater than the PM? ".. If tomorrow government gives power.. The policemen will use it negatively.. and who will stop then? .. No one.. Why? .. Because we have a bill which has the points which are not well defined.. Why they are not defined? .. because the government had to pass the bill quickly in order to control Anna... That will cause the weakening of the country..

  6. Dude we are not weakening the government; When we feel that our elected leaders are not doing what we want them to, we ask them to do it dutifully. Still if they don't then a protest starts.We are not replacing the constitution just amending it. Plus the bill doesn't give policemen the same powers as the PM. it just says that everyone; ranging from a common hawaldar to the PM himself should be judged equally when considering corruption

  7. We have the constitutional rules depicting that the government can be dissolved if it does not function properly.
    We have out here..
    Why can't the mistakes corrected with respect to every political issue.. What about suresh kalmadi or a raja.. Why doing Anna goes out in front of their houses and protest.. Government has it's own functioning which I agree has to be modified in respect to common people.. but that does not mean that we pressure the government to indulge the change in the system by such mass protest which will just come up as a result of divesting the nature of the country. There are ways to do it.. Somebody go ask Anna how have he captured the lands in his homeland. By fake means.
    Isn't that corruption.? ..
    There are corrupt ministers which are to be punished.
    Jan lokpal bill is the only way. But it takes time to style points for a bill.. To make it a part of the constitution.. That takes time..
    Protesting is good but at this time.. It will be good if we don't pressurize government so that a better bill will synthesize..

  8. Dude If you quote the constitution then do it properly... The house can be dissolved only if the majority agrees in the lok sabha to do it as rajya sabha doesnt have that power. Secondly, the lands he obtained, they were just reclaiming what was really their own. And why dnt u get the point that the people are just trying to get the government to do what they want to do....after nearly a year the government doesnt get the point, we have no choice left....

  9. Hmmm.. the people age right in their item cause.. But ultimately here I wanna say that.. It would be better for the n nation if they could coordinate with each other...
    Because what I feel Is that neither anna is perfect nor the government...
    It's the that has to progress...

  10. Bro, nobody or nothing is perfect expect the omnipotent force. So our best hope is to trust the best of the worst


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